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Lithium Ion Cells in Profile

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Jan 2006 New Lithium-Ion Polymer Cells and Battery Packs

IBT unveils the new range of rechargeable lithium-ion polymer cells which have been developed for portable applications such as wireless devices, GSM/3G products and hand held instrumentation / meters.

With a wide range of ultra lightweight models to choose from, they offer greater design flexibility for maximising battery compartment space, with the possibility of overall equipment weight reduction.

Cells have a nominal voltage of 3.7V and capacities range from 100mAh to 4500mAh at the 5 hour discharge rate. Features include compact size, low profile packages and wide operating temperature range.

Products can be supplied with protection circuit modules (PCM's) to protect against over-voltage, under-voltage, high currents and over-discharge. For larger power requirements battery packs can be factory assembled to provide higher voltage and increased capacity.

For a full list of cells and technical data please view :    Cell List or Technical Data.

Lithium Polymer cells

 Sept 2003 Lithium Ion (Li Ion) Cells in Profile

IBT Power has introduced a new range of prismatic Lithium Ion cells. Offering a high energy density in low profile packages makes them ideal for portable instruments, communication devices and wireless products.

Designers have 35 models to choose from, with capacities starting at 190mAh and the higher limit currently at 1800mAh. For higher power requirements the 3.7V cells can be supplied assembled into battery packs. Single cell and battery protection circuits are available.

Li Ion Prismatic Cells
 June 2003 New BT2-12S Lead Acid Battery.

IBT has added a new model to it's BT range of lead acid batteries. The BT2-12S has terminals on the end face of the battery case. It makes it ideal for applications with limited space, such as portable instruments and compact medical equipment.

Other features include: robust ABS case with flame retardant option, compact size, ability to operate upright or on side faces, and low self- discharge.

The battery offers a 12V power source capable of supplying up to 2Ah. It only measures 150 x 20 x 89 mm (LxWxH) and weighs just 0.74kg.

Complete BT product list

 Apr 2002

IBT add new models to high-integrity lead acid battery range.

IBT has now included four new models to the BT-FT range, all having front access terminals for ease of installation and maintenance. The sleek, elongated design of the lead acid batteries make them ideal for mounting within 19 inch enclosures and particularly suited to industrial and communication type applications.

Other features include: durable flame retardant case to UL94-VO, 10 year plus design life in float operation and brass terminal threaded inserts for increased conductivity.

The BT-FT batteries are manufactured in 12V mono-blocks with a choice of 50Ah, 75Ah, 100Ah, 125Ah and 150Ah.

Complete FT product list

 Nov 2002

New BT-M Range

IBT have launched thier new BT-M series of industrial valve regulated lead acid batteries. The range features:

  • Treaded Terminal Inserts
  • Industry Standard Sizes
  • 5 Year Design Life (Float)

The current models are all 12V monoblocks with capacities from 17Ah to 200Ah.

Complete BT-M product list

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